Star Wars Episode IX Will Be Shot on Film, Director Says

colin trevorrow star wars

Colin Trevorrow has the enviable - and difficult - position of director of Star Wars: Episode IX. He's still a ways off from the movie going into production. After all, Episode VIII, from director Rian Johnson, doesn't even start principal photography for a few weeks.

But Trevorrow is planning. The third part of a trilogy meant to reintroduce Star Wars to this generation, coming off the record-blasting success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (soon to pass $2 billion global box office), the planning began basically as soon as he was hired.

At a press conference at Sundance Film Festival, Trevorrow said he intends to shoot Star Wars: Episode IX on film, not digitally. The funny thing is, it's because he's treating it like a period piece.

"It is a period film. It happened a long time ago!" the director joked.

He doesn't want film to "turn into vinyl" as a boutique-only product.

The Force Awakens was shot on film, and Episode VIII will shoot that way, as well, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise. With a dedication to using a combination of practical and CGI effects, and film for all three, the movies should have a familiar feel across the trilogy.