The Walking Dead Cut A Scene About Funny Cat Pictures

TWD Zombie Cat

During the Talking Dead, Alicia Witt, who played Paula, revealed that her favorite scene was actually cut from “The Same Boat” episode, but she understood why.

Witt explained, “At the door, right before she starts stabbing the walkers, she turns around and says to Carol, ‘You know it’s funny, before all this, you’re probably somebody I would have sent funny cat pictures to.’”

“It was like the one moment Paula acknowledged in words, ‘I see you, whatever is going on here, there’s something weirdly....’” continued Witt.

Melissa McBride added, “And I think that Carol probably got that email.”

Host Chris Hardwick chimed in, “I understand why they cut that out, because even though it would have been an amazing moment, seeing Paula just be completely gone and no trace of it anymore, it would have been really hard if you had seen that then you would have wanted her to stick around, oh they should absorb her in the group somehow.”

Witt agreed, “But then it would also have been a giveaway that she’s softening, which I think you wouldn’t have wanted to see. Because I think you see plenty in the way they magically edited it between us in that scene. You know there is something going on between these women, and they won’t say it in words.”

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