Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Gets a B From Audiences On Opening Night


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been getting pilloried by the critics, leading the film's stars to say, in effect, that the movie was meant for audiences, not the press.

How well did they manage that? Well, audiences on Friday night gave the film a B CinemaScore.

CinemaScores are tallied on opening night for major releases, hoping to capture audience reaction before it's too influenced by word of mouth. The film earned the same grade as both Green Lantern and Batman apparently a B is pretty subjective based on the opening night audience.

(Incidentally, if you're a big fan of Batman Returns, check out our Batman V Superman red carpet interview with Robin Lord Taylor, who talks about his love for Danny DeVito as The Penguin.)


...In which I ask Gotham's Robin Lord Taylor who should play The Penguin in DC's movie universe -- and ask him to make Ben McKenzie do a J. K. Simmons impression.

Posted by DC on on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Man of Steel earned an A-, while Superman Returns got a B+. Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, the earliest Superman movie graded by CinemaScore, got a C. On the Batman side of things, all three Christopher Nolan "Dark Knight" films earned A CinemaScores, as did Tim Burton's Batman. Batman Forever got an A- from audiences, while Batman and Robin got a C+ at the time.

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