Supergirl Season 2 Adds Lex Luthor's Sister, Maggie Sawyer, Snapper Carr, and More

Supergirl CBS
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Supergirl is staffing up for the move to The CW and season two with five more new characters, including two series regulars and three recurring roles. The new characters pull heavily from the pages of DC Comics, and imply some major shifts in the dynamic of the show's current lineup.

The two series regulars are Lena Luthor and Nick Farrow. Lena is the sister of Lex Luthor, leaving Metropolis for National City to "get out from under the shadow" of her brother, as TV Line reports. Her age range for casting is listed as 25-35, and she's listed as sexy, smart, and determined. Farrow, meanwhile, is a new "leading man" type and the son of a famous reporter who joins CatCo. "In hanging out with Kara, the hero in Nick might finally come out," reads the official description, but no one named Farrow exists at DC Comics. Hopefully Lena's presence doesn't mean Max Lord is leaving National City as its resident ambiguously-evil genius.

The recurring roles are The Doctor, Snapper Carr, and a detective named Maggie. No, it's not a time-travelling alien joining the cast, this Doctor is the leader of Project Cadmus, a female character who experiments on people using alien technology. Naming that character Serling Roquette would make sense, as she's a Cadmus scientist in the comics.

Snapper Carr, in the show, is a "veteran journalist appointed by Cat Grant to remake the news division by going old school." In DC Comics, Lucas "Snapper" Carr has had a long association with the Justice League, and was later made into a journalist in other media. He appeared in that capacity frequently in the Justice League animated series, voiced by Jason Marsden. There have been rumors that Cat Grant, played by Calista Flockhart, may move to a non-series regular role (rumors say it's because Flockhart is hesitant to relocate to Vancouver for the shooting season), and the character description here seems to support that.

Lastly is Maggie, an "out and proud detective" which points directly to Maggie Sawyer. In the pages of DC Comics, Sawyer worked in both the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit and the Gotham City Police Department. As an out lesbian, Sawyer dated and became engaged to Kate Kane, Batwoman, in the New 52 relaunch of DC Comics. On the show, she'll be working for the Science Police, an agency dealing with metahuman and extra-terrestrial threats that sounds like (if it's anything like the comics version) it will be a more openly-operating unit than the DEO.

Casting is underway now for all five roles.

Supergirl season two will air Mondays at 8pm on The CW starting this fall. Superman will also join the cast, thus far confirmed as appearing in the first two episodes of the season.