Happy Birthday! Aaron Taylor-Johnson Turns 26 Years Old Today


Today is Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s birthday.

Taylor-Johnson is best known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Quicksilver. As the male Maximoff twin, Taylor-Johnson blazed a trail during Avengers: Age of Ultron. His other famous comic book role as Kick-Ass, of course, featured far fewer superpowers in Kick-Ass and its sequel Kick-Ass 2.

Taylor Johnson’s other popular roles include 2014’s Godzilla reboot, Savages, and The Illusionist. He’s also held small, but memorable roles in TV series like Nearly Famous and Talk To Me. He has two upcoming projects in the works, including Nocturnal Animals alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, and Isla Fisher, and the Doug Liman directed project The Wall.

Born in Buckinghamshire, England, Taylor-Johnson turns 26 today. Happy Birthday, Aaron Taylor-Johnson.