College Offering Pokemon Go Physical Education Class

fresno pokemon go
(Photo: Fresno City College)

One local college is offering credit for playing Pokemon Go on campus. Fresno City College, a community college located in California, is offering a new physical education class based around the popular mobile app game.

According to a flyer posted on the school's official Facebook page, PE-6 will "use the Pokemon Go App to promote fitness through walking and finding Pokemon's (sic) on the FCC campus". The course will meet four times a week and students will be responsible for providing their own phone and data plan (the school also has free WiFi that students can use while playing). Students can earn one college credit for taking the class, which can be transferred to other schools.

The PE course will be taught by Oliver Germond, FCC's women's soccer coach. Germond was approached by the school's dean to teach the course, although he told a local newspaper he thought the course was a joke at first. Although Pokemon Go will have an obvious focus in the class, Germond says he plans on building a fitness course around the app that involves walking, running, and other exercises.

The physical education course isn't the only way FCC is embracing Pokemon Go. A spokesperson for the school said that the school is adding PokeStop and Gym markers to the maps handed out to new students each fall.

The class runs from October 17 through early December. There's currently 26 open spots, so you better register now if you want to play Pokemon and get in shape.

(via The Fresno Bee)