D.Gray-man Hallow Director Helming American Anime

In 2014, two American artists teamed up to create Indigo Ignited, a dark fantasy anime. The indie project quickly gained viral interest thanks to the Internet, and that popularity has helped David Pinter and Samuel Dalton score some much-needed talent for their anime. Just recently, the pair confirmed that the director of D.Gray-man Hallow has signed onto Indigo Ignited as a storyboard artist.

Yoshiharu Ashino learned about the project after its gaining online buzz, and its international appeal only bolstered his interest. Ashino is perhaps best-known for his work on the anime series D.Gray-man Hallow, a sequel anime to the original D.Gray-man series. He also worked on the 2011 adaptation of Supernatural. Ashino has also worked on several Dragon Ball Z films like The History of Trunks and Bio-Broly.

Ashino is not the only talent who’s signed onto the film. Indigo Ignited first gained traction abroad when Henry Thurlow got word of the anime. The project director is one of the only American animators working in Japan. He’s lived abroad for several years and worked for Studio Pierrot on major projects like Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, and Code Geass.

“What attracted me to Indigo Ignited were the creators,” Thurlow explained, “their attitude was one where they give us a lot of freedom to make something very unique.”

Several other Japan-based American artists will also work on Indigo Ignited. Arthell Isom will stand in as Art Director and Background Artist. He’s worked on the Gintama anime and the Naruto Shippuden feature film, Blood Prison. Rejean Dubois, a smartphone game illustrator, will adapt characters for the anime. David Butler is set to compose the musical score.

If you want to check out the synopsis for Indigo Ignited, then you can read it below:

“Enter the world of INDIGO IGNITED, a post-apocalyptic dark fantasy anime. A shattered world sustained by bloodshed and built upon the remnants of an ancient order that was abolished in their conquest to rid the world of Fear. Driven out of their homeland, KIERAN and his comrades descend into a maddened environment driven by chaos in hopes of being the last ember of light within a darkened world.”

(Photo: Indio Ignited )

You can check out Indigo Ignited here at its official website. Currently, the anime is slated to debut in January 2017.