Arrow: Here's How Felicity Leaves in the Season 7 Finale

Tonight was an episode of "lasts" for The CW's Arrow. Not only was "You Have Saved This City" the Season 7 finale for the popular DC Comics inspired series, but it was also the last episode for series star Emily Bett Rickard as Felicity Smoak. While the departure is one that fans have known about since late March, tonight fans got to see exactly how the character departed Star City -- and why.

Spoilers for tonight's Season 7 finale of Arrow, "You Have Saved This City", below.

Last week's penultimate Season 7 episode "Living Proof" in many ways set the stage for Felicity's departure. With Team Arrow trapped in a building collapse, Oliver's (Stephen Amell) villainous half-sister Emiko (Sea Shimooka) showed up at the Arrow bunker presumably to kill Felicity. However, Felicity reveals her pregnancy to Emiko and begs her to spare her. Emiko does, but the encounter makes Felicity realize just how unsafe her children are. Alena suggests that perhaps Felicity go take her life "offline" and disappear somewhere she can't be found.

While we already know, thanks to the flash forward scenes sprinkled throughout the season, this is roughly what happens, tonight's episode confirmed that decision.

Tonight's episode, as many this season, ran a paralell storyline. In the present, Oliver and Team Arrow attempted to stop Emiko from unleashing her bio weapon on Star City while also exacting revenge on the Queen family while in the future, Felicity and the heroes made their move to stop the catastrophic implementation of the Archer system. In both the present and the flash forward, Felicity did what she did best: run the tech ops of the mission to best ensure success.

Of course, both missions go a little awry, but the one in the present perhaps most so. While Oliver manages to get through to Emiko, as she lies dying she confesses to him that before she had a change of heart she ensured that Felicity and his unborn child would die, instructing Oliver that he needs to hide them for their safety. And that is exactly what ends up happening. Once the team manages to save Star City from the Ninth Circle, Oliver and Felicity announce to the team that they are leaving town. In the future, something similar happens. With Archer destroyed, Felicity, along with Roy and Dinah, pass the torch and go into hiding.

In the present, Diggle brings Oliver and Felicity to the cabin where we saw Mia's birth earlier this season. The show then presents a montage of moments in Oliver and Felicity's life there -- Mia's birth and quiet family time together -- and the pair even discuss trying to get partial custody of William again. But just as things look rosy for the Queen family, The Monitor shows up to collect on Oliver's bargain from "Elseworlds". As Oliver's help with preventing Crisis -- and his death -- are inevitable, Felicity has to say goodbye to him once again. In the future, Felicity says goodbye to both Mia and William, which they do at Oliver's grave.

Back in the present, Felicity says a tearful goodbye and makes Oliver a promise to keep their children safe -- and tells him that wherever he goes, he will always be with her and that they are the best parts of each other with Felicity promising to find Oliver again -- a promise she keeps.


In the last moments of the episode, future Felicity meets up with The Monitor, the pair stepping into a portal so that The Monitor can reunite Oliver and Felicity once again.

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