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Ant-Man Movie: Five Best Moments

Brandon Davis


This weekend, Ant-Man took the big screen by size! Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, and Evangeline Lilly assembled Avengers style for a brand new Marvel Studios origin story.

The adventurous heist film was packed with cameos, laughs, and action throughout its 115 minutes of running time. We've selected the five best moments and compiled them for reminiscing below, but be warned, spoilers obviously follow if you haven't yet seen Ant-Man!

Falcon vs. Ant-Man

When is it not fun to watch super heroes fight each other? We don't go into the theatre expecting to see our favorite good guys do battle but when they do it's absolute treat. The Marvel Cinematic Universe first introduced us good guys throwing down when Iron Man took on Thor and then Cap joined the fight, only to see Thor and the Hulk go at it on the Helicarrier later. This time around, we got to see Ant-Man take on a certain Avenger: The Falcon. The fight featured awesome action and the heroes wisely using the technology-given abilities in their brawl but also featured the comedy which made us love Ant-Man. "It is really important to me that Cap never finds out about this." -Sam Wilson

Tip Montages

Speaking of comedy, Michael Peña's Luis was fantastic. Every time Scott would ask for details on a tip for a heist or any sort of clue, Luis would go into extravagant details and quote others in truly comedic fashion. Watching Stan Lee refer to the lady-journalist as "Super fine," according to Luis, was a great laugh.

"It's Not Just A Keychain"

Perhaps one of Ant-Man's bigger surprises and another great laugh but valuable plot point was when Hank Pym used his tank keychain, which wasn't just a keychain, to bust out of Darren Cross' vault after getting shot. The jokes about the size of the fight never got old. Whether it was objects becoming giant, like Thomas the Tank Engine or an ant, or the reminder that Ant-Man and Yellowjacket's feud was so tiny such as the times when they landed in the pool or Scott swatted Darren into a bug zapper using a ping pong paddle, the humor never missed.

Wasp Suit For Hope

This had to be the best credits scene (or at least up there with the Collector after The Winter Soldier) of phase two. To conclude the epic second phase, Hank revealed the Wasp suit he had been working on to Hope, indicating she will be the one to put on the suit and become The Wasp as her mother did previously.

Spider-Man Reference

Perhaps the most exciting part of Ant-Man had nothing to with Ant-Man. That's not to say Ant-Man wasn't thrilling but how can one possibly top the first Spider-Man reference in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? The journalist Luis referred to was quoted as saying, "We've got one the crawls up the walls," which is a clear nod to Marvel's wall crawler who was recently cast (Tom Holland) and is set to appear in Captain America: Civil War.

What was your favorite moment of Ant-Man? Share it in the comment section below!

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