Your Name Anime Director Tells Fans To Not See It

Your Name is the anime movie that's being talked about everywhere, becoming the highest grossing anime worldwide, and announcing an recently upcoming North American release date.

However the director of the massive animated hit, Makoto Shinkai, has a big problem with it.

In an interview with Shinkai about the film, he said “I don’t think any more people should see it."

The film is set for a North American re-release and every week it is climbing close to being the biggest Japanese animated film of all time.

There are talks of the movie winning an Oscar, but Shinkai is not excited.

“I really hope it doesn’t win,” he said.

It seems like he is serious in his dislike for how the movie turned out. However despite his modest take on the film’s success, he is being called the “New Miyazaki” by many. Hayo Miyasaki is the now retired master animator behind Studio Ghibli, and created the classic Spirited Away, which holds the record as the most successful Japanese film ever. But even the comparison to Miyasaki makes Shinkai uncomfortable.

“Of course I’m happy when people mention his name and mine in the same breath. It’s like a dream. But I know they are overpraising Your Name because I am absolutely not at Miyazaki’s level," Shinkai said. "Honestly, I really don’t want Miyazaki to see it because he will see all its flaws.”

The comparison to Miyasaki is being made all over the press, but he insists that they were very different. He doesn’t want the audience to see him working with Miyazaki's lead artists and think he is doing a reboot of classic Studio Ghibli films. Shinkai stated that he wants to be inspired by Studio Ghibli's work ethic and put everything into his art.

Despite the spectacular reviews from critics and fans alike, Makoto Shinkai does not think the film is as good as it could have been, because of not having enough money to complete everything he wanted to do on the film.

“For me it’s incomplete, unbalanced. The plot is fine but the film is not at all perfect. Two years was not enough.”

Funimation will be opening Your Name in North American theaters on April 7, 2017 in original Japanese with English Subtitles and English dubbed.