Boruto Voice Actors Tease Sasuke & Sakura's Upcoming Storylines

As Naruto Gaiden is animated in Boruto Next Generations, Naruto fans have watched as Uchiha Sarada has doubted her heritage, especially when it came to her mother Sakura. When taking a look back on the series as a whole, that really is not surprising, as Uchiha Sasuke has shown little to no affection towards his new family. It was revealed in Boruto that Sakura and Sasuke’s first date only lasted roughly 3 minutes, with Sarada never meeting her father only showing more neglect. For some unknown reason, Sakura was reluctant to tell her daughter anything about Sasuke, which caused the doubt in Sarada’s head to spread further.

However, the voice actors for Sarada, Sakura and Sasuke have hinted in a recent interview that the family neglect will cease soon. Sasuke has been on a mission outside of Konoha for quite some time now, with him closing all forms of communication with his family in that time. However, the Uchiha family are expected to be reunited by the end of Naruto Gaiden.

“I hope everyone can appreciate this adult Sasuke, who has grown spiritually and has acquired great experiences of life, and I hope you enjoy his relationship with the family in this new story,” said Sasuke’s voice actor Noariaki Sugiyama.

“As a wife and as a mother, Sakura will become stronger and stronger! I will strive to make Sakura wonderful.”

“ Viewers were wondering if the day would ever come when they would see Sasuke-kun and Sakura in their moments as husband and wife, and now I’m also looking forward to seeing thee moments. I hope they all enjoy the new family,” said Sakura’s voice actress Nakamura Chie.

“I want to show that it is not a lie the feelings that she (Uchiha Sarada) has for Sasuke and Sakura.”

“Although they (Sasuke and Sakura) both have distinct personalities, they have very cute interactions! I will be very happy if everyone can feel the strength and energy of the Uchiha family,” said the voice of Sarada Kokoro Kikuchi.

Sasuke & Sakura
(Photo: Pierrot Studios)

Already Sarada has awakened her Sharingan due to the love for her father in the moments of extreme excitement, leading up to her first meeting with Sasuke. The Uchiha family will be reunited at the end of the Naruto Gaiden arc, with the voice actors of the three Uchiha family memebers hinting that fans likely to see Sasuke have more of an impact on his families’ life after that. This comes as great news for all those SasuSaku fans out there, desperately waiting to see Sasuke and Sakura together, as a family.

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