'Dragon Ball Super' Promo Teases Tournament Of Power's Next Victims

In recent manga scans that have been translated and confirmed, it seems as if Gohan and Master Roshi from Universe 7 will start to have some trouble in the Tournament of Power. In the upcoming episodes, Frost from Universe 6 will make his move, targeting Vegeta and Master Roshi. This is all because of the Kaioshin Fuwa ordering Frost to take out a Universe 7 warrior.

Frost and Fuwa both from Universe 6, will make a deal that results in Frost being forgiven for all his crimes, as well as receiving financial aid to start up his business again. However, Frost must take out a member of Universe 7 for this deal to take place, which results in him immediately attacking the injured Turtle Hermit.

Meanwhile, in episode 108 of Dragon Ball Super, Freeza is searching for his next opponent but instead finds Gohan struggling against Jimeze. The rest of Universe 7’s warriors will begin to assume that Freeza has betrayed them, as the resurrected villain watched Gohan be beaten around with a smirk.

While this is happening, episode 109 will start to get very interesting, as Goku and Ribrianne’s battle rages on. Ribrianne refuses to lose so that she can become a goddess in her own universe and loved by all. However, their battle is interrupted by Universe 11’s Jiren, who has been reserving his strength for the entire tournament so far.

All this information was provided to Dragon Ball Super fans from the scans and Animedia, as the series promotes its double episode special airing on October 8th. It looks as if Gohan and Master Roshi will be the Universe 7 fighters who may be nocked out of the battle royal next, as well as Ribrianne, as the three hinted to be having some trouble in the upcoming episodes.

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(Photo: Toei Animation)

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