'IT' Movie Gets Anime Makover

The movie adaptation of Stephen King's IT continues to impact popular culture on all fronts - including anime.

As you can see below, artist Mike Anderson's (aka Mikuloctopus) work is clearly influenced by Japanese anime style. Among his many impressive sketches are a couple renderings of what actor Bill SkarsgÄrd's Pennywise The Clown would look like in anime format.

Moreover, Anderson recreates the iconic opening sewer scene of the film, in which Pennywise lures an unsuspecting Georgie Denbrough into a gruesome death. Check out both of those great pieces, below:

IT Anime Concept Art by Mike Anderson
IT Anime Sewer Scene Concept Art by Mike Anderson

If anything, this artwork makes the case for why there needs to absolutely be a full-length IT anime feature! The themes and concepts of King's novel would synch well with ideas and themes that are common in the anime format; not to mention, Pennywise's psychological terror attacks on children could be done in awesome visual style and grandeur in animated format.

In short: this needs to happen!

You can catch IT in theaters now. Here's the latest news about the sequel, and check out this great fan video of Pennywise Battling The Joker! For more of Mike Anderson's impressive work, check out his gallery page.