'Attack On Titan' Just Reunited Eren With [SPOILER]

Warning! Spoilers for Attack on Titan’s 98th chapter lie below!

Attack on Titan has had a busy year, and it doesn’t look like the series is slowing down any. The franchise’s second season finally debut this spring, and Hajime Isayama is cranking out one manga chapter after another. And, in the latest update, fans watched as Eren Yeager finally reunited with one unexpected foe.

That’s right. The Titan Shifter came face-to-face with Reiner Braun.

Attack on Titan’s 98th chapter followed Eren along with a few other characters as they went about their lives in Marley. Eren, who is originally from Paradis, infiltrates Marley under a secret identity and a brand-new look. The older protagonist is seen being treated at a hospital in Marley, and Eren’s unkempt hair is far less shocking than his amputated leg.

As for how the shifter comes in contact with Reiner, fans have Falco Grice to thank. The young boy is one of Marley’s Eldian warriors who is in the running to inherit Reiner’s Armored Titan power, so the older fighter has a soft spot for the kid. When Falco goes missing at a formal party, Reiner goes to look for the boy. Falco tells Reiner to follow him and meet someone, but the Titan Shifter grows weary when the pair have to scale down some creepy steps to a holed-away hideout.

When the pair enter, Falco shows Reiner his new friend, but Eren makes sure the older man knows exactly who he is.

“It’s been 4 years, huh. Reiner. I’m glad that you could return to your hometown,” Eren says.

Reiner seems shocked to see his former ally, and the fighter has good reason to. After all, the pair did not exactly split on the best of terms. When Eren and Reiner were training to join the military, Eren became close with Reiner and even looked up to the boy as an older brother. Eren’s world was turned upside-down when Reiner revealed his true identity and allegiance to Marley. In a single moment, all of Eren’s respect for Reiner turned to hate, but the manga has shown that Reiner feels a sort of fondness to his old friend. And, now, the pair are about to hash out all of their difference after so many years apart.

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