Exclusive 'Tokyo Ghoul' Live-Action Clip Sends Ken Into Battle

Tokyo Ghoul is set to hit U.S. theaters later this month, and the horror film will debut just in time for Halloween. If you have been waiting to see more of the anime adaptation, then you can check out this exclusive clip that ComicBook got a hold of.

As you can see above, the new footage shows the showdown between Ken Kaneki and the CCG ghoul investigator Amon. The video follows Ken as the lead dresses up in his Ghoul attire and heads out into the night. When the screen switches, fans catch up with Amon as the detective is driving down the road. However, things go awry when Ken jumps onto the car and crushes its hood.

The car crashes into a local shopping center, and Amon is seen exiting his vehicle shaken. When Ken walks into the center, Amon is seen unpacking his massive Quinque weapon. Ken is then seen pulling out his Kagune, and the pair settle in for a long-awaited fight with one another.

You can read a short, spoiler-free description of the clip below:

“Ghouls versus humans—the fight for survival and a way of life culminates in the showdown between half-ghoul Kaneki and CCG agent Amon.”

If you are a fan of Tokyo Ghoul, then you will know how Amon fairs against Ken. The investigator’s Quinque, Doujima, does not stand up against Ken’s Kagune, though the weapon does gravely injure the half-Ghoul. Amon is forced to repair the Doujima and its clubbing abilities.

If you are unfamiliar with Tokyo Ghoul, then you can start catching up on the popular horror series right now. Tokyo Ghoul is set in an alternate reality where creatures known as ghouls exist. The horrifying monsters survive by consuming human flesh and live amongst humans in secret. The story follows a boy named Ken Kaneki after a date-gone-wrong leaves him a half-ghoul. Struggling to adapt to his new life, Ken tries his best to fit into ghoul society, keep his monstrous status hidden from humans, and rein in the insatiable hunger he has for flesh.

Tokyo Ghoul will screen in select theaters between October 16th and October 22nd.