'My Hero Academia' Season 3 Has Entered Production

My Hero Academia fans are going to be plus ultra after they hear the latest news from Bones. The anime studio held a conference in Japan earlier this week to go over its works, and the company confirmed My Hero Academias new season has already marched into production.

Thanks to Gigazine, fans were given a summary of the studio’s panel updates (via ANN). Bones president Masahiko Minami was the one to share news about the company’s upcoming projects before some staff members gave additional updates. When Bones’ Studio C came to present, the sect said it has taken charge of My Hero Academia’s third season and has already started work on the project.

According to the panel, the third season will cover the manga’s ‘School Trip’ arc. Minami could not reveal any information about casting or release dates with attendees, but Bones had said before such details will come at a later date. The show just got its season three renewal last month when My Hero Academia wrapped its second season.

Fans have been looking forward to seeing Kohei Horikoshi’s ‘School Trip’ arc make its way to the small screen. The story is the manga’s eighth and it follows Class 1-A after they head on a summer trip once their first semester ends. Aizawa takes the gang along with Class 1-B to the Forest of Magic Beasts for an abrupt training session. The kids are introduced to pro heroes, The Pussycats, who force the students into survival training before the trip can begin. However, things quickly go south when the League of Villains and its newest recruits ambush the students with the hopes of kidnapping one of Izuku’s friends.

For those who aren't familiar with My Hero Academia, the manga by creator Kohei Horikoshi began publishing back in July 2014. Bones Studios adapted the series into an anime in 2016, and the series has quickly become a phenomenon. My Hero Academia takes place in a world full of people with quirks, which you might recognize as superpowers. Except Izuku Midoriya doesn't have one.

Izuku Midoriya has always wanted to be a hero, but he was born without a quirk. When the world’s leading superhero All-Might chooses Izuku to be his successor, the boy’s world is turned upside-down as he gains a quirk, a new school, and a set of very dangerous enemies.

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