'Boruto' Finally Put Its New Swordsmen Of The Mist Into Battle

Warning! Spoilers for Boruto’s 29th episode lie below!

Konoha has no shortage of strong ninjas, but the Hidden Mist Village isn’t doing too shabby either. Peace may have settled over the ninja villages, but the Mist has raised up a generation of fighters who others will come to fear. Boruto’s latest episode finally introduced its generation of the Mist’s Seven Swordsmen - and fans are admitting the guys are lackluster.

Boruto’s 29th episode saw its titular hero team up with Sarada to stop a coup d’etat from taking over the Mist Village. After the pair warned the Mizukage, Boruto and Sarada confronted the new Ninja Swordsmen before they could begin wrecking the village in their selfish attempts to start war.

“All right! New Seven Ninja Swordsmen,” Shizuma called out to his lackeys. “We will light the first fires of revolution here!”

Of course, things didn’t go quite as planned when Boruto showed up with the Mizukage in tow. The seven Mist ninjas were thrust into battle against their village’s leader, and they did managed to ensnare Chojuro and give him a talk down.

“We represent those whom you’ve tried to erase,” one of the new members tells the Mizukage.

Of course, fans were less-than-happy to see the leader fall prey to the ninjas, but Chojuro seems like he has a plan. The Mizukage appears to have let himself be caught to figure out the new Swordsmen team’s plans and who their leader is. Chojuro was once a member of the organization before he became the Mizukage, and he is more than familiar with how to counter the team’s various swords. And, if the ninja’s face says anything, it is that he is not too impressed with his home’s dissenters.

While fighters like Kagura and Shizuma show promise, the rest of the Seven Swordsmen are rather weak. They have the whole villain aura down, but their skills are not up to par with the team’s most famous members. Guys like Zabuza and Kisame would have wiped the team out already, and Suigetsu is quick to admit he’s not a fan of the team’s self-absorbed members. So, here’s to fans hoping Chojuro and Suigetsu get to beat down the half-hearted rebels sooner rather than later.

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