Here's What The Live-Action 'Pokemon' Movie May Be About

Anime fans aren’t strangers to the idea of a Pokemon film, but things get a bit weird when live-action plans are brought into play. There has yet to be a live-action take on the franchise, but Hollywood looks keen on changing that. According to new reports, the Detective Pikachu film has already found a tentative plot to work with.

Recently, Omega Underground dug up updates on the Pokemon film thanks to some audition tapes. The footage hints that the film will be focused on two human protagonists named Tim and Lucy. The teenage boy will be on a hunt for his missing father, and Tim will be forced to take a tough-talking Pikachu along with him. The catch is that only Tim can understand the inquisitive pocket monster.

As for the boy’s partner, a girl named Lucy will be brought in to balance Tim out. The heroine will be a junior investigative reporter who is currently tracking down why some captured Pokemon are starting to turn on their trainers. Lucy will not be able to understand her Pokemon, but that may be for the best; After all, it looks like the girl will be joined by her very own Psyduck.

The plot may not be what fans were expecting, but Detective Pikachu could make the story work. A sassy Pikachu is enough to get even the most reluctant fans interested, and the plot’s inclusion of Pokemon going rabid is an appreciate twist.

Plus, there’s Psyduck. How can you hate that?

So far, there is no word on who’s being officially eyed for the film, but reports recently indicated some big names are being looked at to voice Pikachu. The cute critter may be brought to life by anyone from Hugh Jackman to Ryan Reynolds or even Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. When the film was first announced, many fans petitioned for Danny Devito to play the iconic Pokemon, so you can just imagine how Ash Ketchum’s friend may sound in live-action.

There’s no release date attached to Detective Pikachu, but Hollywood is looking to produce the film sooner rather than later. A recent report confirmed the feature is slated to start filming in January 2018.

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