'Boruto' Just Made One Anime Filler Arc Canonical

Anime fans are not strangers to filler arcs, but Boruto seems it is trying to limit how much it will rely on the buffers. The anime debuted back in April, and Boruto seemed to have just entered into its first filler saga as of late, but the franchise’s manga just stressed no such thing has happened.

In fact, the Boruto manga chose to make its anime’s on-going ‘Mist Village’ arc part of the canon.

During the most recent chapter of Boruto, fans caught up with Boruto and his team as they took on a new mission. The ninja was tasked with escorting one of the Leaf’s ninja scientists to his lab, but the team came upon a familiar face in their car. Ao from the Mist Village was seen riding the train, and Boruto had one interesting reaction when he learned of the elder’s home.

“Kirigakure,” the boy exclaimed. “We went there on a field trip when we were in the academy. It’s a great place, isn’t it?”

So, there you go. Boruto just made its ‘Mist Village’ arc very canon, and fans are interested to see how the arc may continue to effect the franchise.

If you are not familiar with the storyline, then you should know the arc follows Boruto’s class as they take a trip to the Mist. The students are greeted by the village’s Mizukage, Chojuro, and they are led around by the man’s protege Kagura. However, things sour during the trip when a boy named Shizuma Hoshigaki reveals his plans to turn the Mist against the Leaf by initiating a coup d’etat.

With the story’s canon status confirmed, fans may get to see more of the Mist’s newest group of Seven Swordsmen. The gang has not yet proved themselves to be the trained killers like Kisame or Zabuza before them, but the new generation could grow their blood-thirst if they are allowed to cultivate their message of dissent. Hopefully, Boruto will be able to catch back up with those players assuming that the Mist Village doesn’t straight-up execute them for treason.

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