'One Punch Man' Illustrator Pens Tony Stark & Spider-Man Sketch

Spider-Man: Homecoming is now on DVD and Blu-ray here in the U.S., and one Japanese artist is doing what he can to celebrate. Over on Twitter, the illustrator of the One Punch Man manga blew away fans with a sketch of Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

Oh, and Tony Stark makes an appearance too. Don’t worry too much about good-old Robert Downey Jr.

Yusuke Murata shared his latest sketches of Spider-Man and Iron Man on social media after teasing a few other pop culture pieces. Just days after drawing the leads of Back to the Future, the One Punch Man artist posted a sketch of Peter Parker taking off his mask after a long day of fighting crime.

As you can see above, the picture is crisp and bares Murata’s very tidy line work. Peter looks too much like Holland for it to be an accident, and his arched eyebrow perfectly conveys just how sassy he truly is. As for the sketch’s costume, the quick piece still takes note of Spider-Man and his costume’s elaborate webbing pattern.

After posting his Spider-Man sketch, Murata returned to Twitter to share another fun drawing. The artist took a close-up shot of his previous sketch and added a bit more Tony Stark to the equation. A small bust of the Avenger was placed in the background behind Peter’s mask, and Tony’s goatee looks like it is on fleek.

If you are not familiar with Murata, then you should know these sketches are not the first he’s done of Spider-Man. A few years back, Murata worked with Marvel Comics to ink one of the company’s trades when they were published in Japan. The artist was also tapped by Marvel Studios to draw Spider-Man: Homecoming’s theatrical poster for Japan ahead of its premiere.

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