'Boruto's First Sharingan Battle Has One Big 'Naruto' Throwback

When it comes to the Sharingan, Naruto fans know plenty. The bloodline talent was introduced with Sasuke Uchiha, and Boruto has kept up the technique thanks to the heir’s daughter. Sarada Uchiha got to show off her Sharingan in the latest episode of Boruto, and Naruto fans couldn’t help but notice a few parallels.

The battle with Sarada began after the Academy student was trapped in an underground cavern with Buntan, a member of the Mist’s newest Swordsmen. The crazed rebel vowed to defeat the Uchiha and take her eyes, but Sarada wasn’t about to let that happen. The two sized each other up before their fight began in earnest, but it was Sarada’s tactics that had fans feeling nostalgic.

However, it was not Sasuke the girl channeled during the battle. Instead, Naruto fans saw the Uchiha heiress take a page right out of Kakashi Hatake’s book - you know, the one that isn’t filled with porn.

After being forced to fight head on, Sarada used her Sharingan for the first time to copy jutsu. Buntan used her Lighting Ball attack to distract Sarada, but the girl was able to read the Mist ninja’s signs and counter. This continued as Sarada and Buntan both used Feast of Lightning, and the older girl was less-than-happy about being copied.

“Monkey see, monkey do,” Buntan taunted. “You’re so irritating!”

By the battle’s end, jutsu copying was not enough to secure Sarada a win. The girl had to take things a step further and use her Sharingan to ensnare Buntan in one sneaky genjutsu. The Mist ninja was left incapacitated by the attack, and Sarada got to enjoy her moment before promptly passing out.

As Naruto fans will recall, Kakashi garnered quite the name for himself in the original anime. The legendary fighter was said to have copied a thousand jutsu, and Sarada mirrored Kakashi’s battle tactics. When Team 7’s leader went up against his own Mist swordsman, Zabuza, Kakashi used his copycat skills to ensnare the rogue before passing out as well.

So, here’s to hoping Sarada just copies Kakashi and his prodigal strategy skills and not his fond obsession with Icha Icha Paradise.

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