'Boruto' Just Proved Sarada Can Surpass Sasuke

Sasuke Uchiha may not be every person’s favorite ninja, but it is impossible to deny the heir’s strength. The former rogue ninja is one of Naruto’s most powerful fighters, and his daughter Sarada just proved why she has inherited Sasuke’s famed battle sense.

In the most recent episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, fans watched as Sarada finally used her Sharingan in a full-on fight. The ninja-in-training was pit into a fight against Buntan Kurosuki, a shinobi from the Hidden Mist who dreams of sending the village back to its bloody days.

When the begin their battle, Sarada seems outclassed. The girl is not even a full-fledged ninja as she is still studying in the Academy. On the other hand, Buntan is a vetted ninja who is likely of Chunin rank and wields one of the swords from the Seven Ninja Swordsmen. Buntan is armed with enough lightning techniques to fry most of the Hidden Leaf’s novices, but Sarada is no pushover.

As you can see here, Sarada uses strategy and her Sharingan to take down her opponent. When the trainee is unable to flee from Buntan, the Uchiha heiress uses her Sharingan to copy an array of jutsu from Buntan. Despite her Sharingan only having a single tomoe, Sarada copies Buntan’s elemental techniques with ease. Then, when the girl gets pushed into a corner, Sarada casts a genjutsu on Buntan and launches a devastating sneak attack.

By the battle’s end, Sarada is left unconscious from expending so much chakra, but Buntan is in no better shape. The Leaf ninja was able to successfully take down an actual shinobi of the Mist who wielded one of the most dangerous weapons belonging to the Seven Ninja Swordsmen.

There's no telling if Sasuke could have taken on a fight like this before he graduated the Academy, but the ninja's strength has clearly been inherited by Sarada. When you pair Sasuke's natural-born skills with Sakura Haruno's precise chakra control, then Sarada is definitely a formidable candidate to assume the Hokage's title if she keeps up her training. Hopefully, that will not require Sarada to seek out Orochimaru...

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