New Evidence Suggests 'Attack On Titan’s Third Season Will Be 2 Cours

Attack on Titan has only been on hiatus for a few months, but fans are already anticipating its third season. The anime is slated to return next summer to drop a slew of new episodes, but fans are curious as to how many episodes they will get. If a new theory is right, then it looks pretty likely that Attack on Titan’s comeback will be at least two cours.

Over on Reddit, one fan brought up an interesting tidbit which the Attack on Titan fandom had yet to notice. Last month, news broke that Attack on Titan is getting a new recap film ahead of its July 2018 release of season three. The announcements about the film and the third season housed their casts, and they were both the same. The recap movie will have Annie and Ymir voiced, but the anime will as well. And, if you know your Attack on Titan arcs, then you can guess season three will delve into the ‘Return to Shiganshina’ story.

Right now, fans know Attack on Titan will be adapting its ‘Uprising’ arc in season three because of its poster. However, there is a chance one or more cours will be added to go over the story’s following arc. The ‘Uprising’ arc is a complex one, but it does not have many speaking roles for Ymir aside from a few flashbacks. The ‘Shiganshina’ arc features the girl’s voice via a voiceover, and there is no way Attack on Titan can cover ‘Uprising’ and this following story in 12 or 13 episodes.

Of course, the theory is being met with some skepticism by fans. There is a chance Wit Studios simply copied over the cast list of the recap film to the Attack on Titan poster to make sure it didn’t look empty. The third season could also house Annie and Ymir if it has some non-canon flashbacks like anime is want to do. For now, fans feel rather confident the anime will return with at least 25 episodes under its belt, but they will not know that for sure until Attack on Titan’s return date grows closer.

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