This ‘Attack On Titan’ Fan Looks Strangely Like One Famous Titan

Attack on Titan has no shortage of titans. The series is geared around a Titan Shifter named Eren, and the series has gone on to introduce dozens of other notable titans along the way. For some, the Gluttonous Titan is their favorite villain of the series, and one otaku was brave enough to admit he kind of looks like the man-eating monster.

Over on Reddit, fans of Attack on Titan could not help but laugh when a picture with the Gluttonous Titan went viral. The picture, which can be found below, shows a fan holding up an image of the big-nosed titan to his face. The profile highlights the fan’s silhouette, and fans were quick to spot the hilarious resemblance between the photo’s figures.

You know, barring the fact that the fan is way, way easier on the eyes.

Close enough from ShingekiNoKyojin

The otaku has the profile to fit the Attack on Titan monster, but it is far more subdued than what the Gluttonous Titan has to work with. The villain’s features are all grotesquely overblown, and his hairline is receding more than he would probably like. The fan doesn’t have any of those issues, but the comparison is definitely worth a chuckle.

If you are not familiar with the Gluttonous Titan, then you just have to think back to one death in particular. The villain took part in eating Mike Zacharias after the soldier encounter the Beast Titan. After eating the soldier, the Gluttonous Titan also appeared at Utgard Castle when the Survey Corps found themselves trapped, but he was eventually slain before he could get another snack.

If you are not familiar with Attack on Titan, then you should know the popular anime is renowned for its intense action and gritty story lines. The anime follows a boy named Eren Yeager in an alternate world overrun by massive creatures known as Titans.

These mindless beasts have all but wiped out humanity, and mankind is left to cower in fear behind massive walls. When their sanctum is infiltrated by a slew of Titans, Eren and his friends Armin and Mikasa join the military to help eradicate the blood-thirty monsters. But, as they grow older, they learn that the beasts are not what they appear as long-held government conspiracies make themselves known.

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