'Bleach' Creator Admits He Didn't Always Love Its Anime

It may have taken some time, but Bleach couldn’t be ignored by the anime community for long. A few years after Tite Kubo debuted the series, Pierrot acquired rights to adapt the manga into an anime, but it seems like the creator did not always see eye-to-eye with the show.

Recently, Kubo sat down with TBS Radio in Japan to talk about his long-running career. The artist, who is known for creating Bleach, was asked how he felt when the story got its anime adaptation. While Kubo was excited to see the show finally happen, he did admit he wasn’t always a fan of the show’s scripts.

Thanks to fan-translators, fans can read up on Kubo’s comments on Twitter. You can check out what the creator had to say about Bleach below:

“While Kubo was of course happy when Bleach's anime was announced, his other initial reaction was ‘Why did it take so long?’” Sakaki relayed to fans on Twitter. “Generally speaking Jump manga get adaptions [sic] usually a year and a half or two years after they start.”

“As for the anime, Kubo wasn't too thrilled with the changes they made to his script, to the point that it'd give him stomach aches. So he essentially demanded to be sent the scripts so he could correct them as his name is on the product and he wants it to reflect his work,” the fan continued before adding that Kubo “got really mad with some things.”

While Kubo would not go into the specifics of his frustration, fans would like to think the artist got peeved about the show and its love of filler. Shonen anime is notorious for padding its series with filler episodes to give manga creator time to expand canonical stories. In the case of Bleach, the use of filler episodes got a bit too extreme as nearly half of the anime is filler; If you do the math, about 45% of Bleach is considered filler.

Still, Kubo did make sure he went over the anime’s scripts to make sure they were to his liking. The artist might not have come up with the filler arcs, but they did get seen by Kubo before they went to the public. So, fans can rest assured knowing the Bounts were passed by Kubo before they met fans.

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