'One Piece' Fans Are Conflicted Over Its Latest Nami Fan-Service

One Piece just debuted its 812th episode, and fans watched Monkey D. Luffy and Nami get in a spot of trouble. The pair were taken by Big Mom pirates and trapped in a book together. The episode ended with Luffy challenging Big Mom herself to a battle, but fans had a hard time paying attention to the captain thanks to Nami and her - um - rather interesting dialogue.

With her hands chained to a wall, Nami is seen asking Big Mom’s guards if she can wash off. When the heroine was caught, Nami was sprayed by a sticky substance that coated her body, but Toei Animation was no afraid to play with the attack’s innuendos.

Fans watched as One Piece gave some gratuitous close-ups for Nami’s insane cleavage when she said her “body is covered in sticky syrup.” The white liquid was shown coating the girl’s thighs as well, leaving some fans a tad uncomfortable whilst others praised the ‘thic’ moment of fan-service.

Of course, this isn’t the first time One Piece has used Nami to push fan-service forward. The heroine did have her scandalous moments before the anime had its time-skip, but the moments have only grown more frequent since Nami’s chest - well - grew.

Fans will remember Nami and Robin were used as eye candy when the pair played a rather bouncy game of volleyball, and both girls embraced their larger chests after the time-skip. Nami’s boyish figure was traded in for a curvaceous one which the heroine adores, but some fans still cannot reconcile the girl with the woman she’s now become.

As One Piece moves forward, fans can expect Nami’s body to be put on show as the heroine comes to embrace her sexuality. When the manga’s 858th chapter gets its anime adaptation, the show will surely focus on Nami and Carrot’s bathing scene where they meet Chiffon. So, as you can guess, Sanji is about to become an even bigger fan of his crew mate than he was before.

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