'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Fan Sells Rare Card Collection To Help His Daughter

Yu-Gi-Oh fans know how hard it is to part ways with their cards, but one Duel Monsters enthusiast did just that recently. Over on Twitter, user KnightMiyabi revealed he sold a rare card collection of his in order to help his little girl.

As you can see, the fan used social media to shed light on his recent sale. KnightMiyabi sold a set of Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards, but the fan did not have the standard ones; No, KnightMiyabi had several very rare promo cards which Jump Festa gave away way back in 2000. The cards sell for a couple thousand each, and it looks like KnightMiyabi made bank on the sell (via Kotaku).

On Twitter, the fan said he chose to sell his cards after he noticed his daughter playing with his Yu-Gi-Oh collection. KnightMiyabi says he plans to use his haul to pay for her pre-schooling and other needs as he wants to save money for her future.

When it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh, there are lots of cards which fans can sell for a hefty sum. If you happen to have a Chinese version of The Dark Magician, then you could score yourself a cool grand, and the first promo edition of Dark Magician Girl also sells quite well. However, there are a few cards that will break the bank if you try to buy them.

Skuna, The Leonine Rakan can pull you in about $5,000 if you own one of its six copies. Armament of the Lethal Lords sold a cool $9,000 back in 2007. If you happen to be the owner of Tournament Black Luster Soldier, then you should know reports indicate the one-of-a-kind card was sold for $2 million at one point.

If you’re feeling lucky, you may want to rifle through your old Yu-Gi-Oh collection to see what you got hiding. You may find an unexpected treasure waiting within the heart of your cards.

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