'My Hero Academia' Just Made A Telling ‘Naruto’ Connection

My Hero Academia may be on a break this week, but fans are still buzzing about the manga’s most recent release. Chapter 158 reiterated why Izuku was the person chosen to assume All Might’s mantle after the hero could no longer fight, but fans can’t help but notice it houses an interesting Naruto parallel.

The latest chapter picks up with Izuku as the hero faces off against Overhaul, a member of the Eight Precepts of Death. The villain is determined to kill the hero-in-training and take Eri from him to continue the gang’s experiments. The girl has one powerful Quirk, and Overhaul tells Izuku he will not let the kid ruin his vision of a new world.

However, All Might’s predecessor is not going to let Eri down just like that.

At the chapter’s end, fans follow Izuku as he unleashes his Full Cowl at 100% and stresses his heroic creed. “If I can’t even save a little girl standing right before my eyes, then how can I possibly become a hero that saves everyone,” Izuku screams before landing a devastating blow on Overhaul.

The climatic scene is a rousing one, but Naruto fans did notice a bit of overlap between those lines. In the past, Masashi Kishimoto has said he’s an open fan of My Hero Academia, so the Naruto creator would be glad to see that Izuku holds similar values to Konoha’s number-one ninja.

As Naruto fans will recall, its titular hero said something very similar in his heyday. After Naruto Uzumaki was reunited with Sasuke Uchiha after the time-skip, the Leaf Ninja did not put up a battle at first when Sasuke vowed to kill him. When the Uchiha asked if Naruto would let himself die and give up his dream to become the Hokage, the boy only had this to say:

“How can I become Hokage if I can’t even save one friend?”

Both Naruto and Izuku were underdogs in everyway, but they both have big dreams. Naruto wanted to become the Hokage while Izuku dreams of becoming a top hero like All Might. They ground those aspirations with small anchors, and Naruto’s goal of saving Sasuke is similar to the one Izuku has about saving Eri. So, if things all go well, then it is only a matter of time until My Hero Academia gives its hero the promotion he’s been dreaming of.

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