This 'Overwatch' Skin Basically Turns One Character Into Naruto

Naruto fans have absolutely no trouble recognizing its hero. Over the years, Naruto Uzumaki has become known for his love of orange, and the hero’s look in Naruto Shippuden has become a classic with fans. So, when Overwatch released a new skin for one of its characters, anime fans couldn’t help but freak out.

Over on Twitter, @edentimm shared the startling Naruto & Overwatch mash-up with fans. The now-viral post, which can be seen below, shows side-by-side photos of Soldier’s new outfit next to Naruto. As you can see, the similarity is sort of hilarious.

Soldier’s new skin appears to be a team one released for the OVW International Games, and it channels its inner-ninja style with ease. The Overwatch fighter is seen with his usual earthy gear pained bright orange and black. The hero has holster stripes on his leg like Naruto, and the suit’s black accents give off some serious otaku vibes.

Obviously, the new skin does not turn Soldier into Naruto for real, but the skin has already become a well-loved meme with fans. @edentimm shared a hilarious drawing of Soldier in full-on Naruto cosplay having a screaming match with Reaper, or rather, Gabe.

So, if any of you Naruto fans happen to get the skin, then there is just one thing you can do. When you play online matches, feel free to go after Reaper whilst screaming ‘SASUKE’ at the top of your lungs. That may not be what the Overwatch devs meant to have happen, but they will soon come to believe it.

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