‘My Hero Academia’ Creator’s Marvel & DC Artwork Is Plus Ultra

My Hero Academia has become one of anime’s newest hits. The series, which was created by Kouhei Horikoshi, has been said by many to be the medium’s next Naruto, and its superhero flair has got fans excited. However, you should know Horikoshi was familiar with heroes before he created Izuku.

After all, the artist once shared a slew of Marvel and DC fan-art with fans online.

In the part, the creator of My Hero Academia took a stab at sketching some of the world’s most famous superheroes on Pixiv. The artist’s account has since been disabled, but some fans preserved Horikoshi’s art on social media as you can see below.

In the tweet, you can find just a sample of Horikoshi’s artwort. The first image shows the Joker in focus as a cityscape burns behind him. The villain appears to be based off Heath Ledger’s take on the Gotham baddie, but that is not the only comic book character Horikoshi has penned.

As you can see, the artist also gave Deadpool a makeover with his distinctive style. You can find more pictures here of where the My Hero Academia creator penned drawings of Carol Danvers as well as some stunning Studio Ghibli tributes.

Seriously, if you are a fan of Princess Mononoke, you will want this fan-art framed.

Horikoshi has also shared his artistic talents to franchises that are lesser-known to Western fans. The artist penned work of Go Nagai, Ge Ge Ge No Kitaro, Cyborg 009, and more.

For those who aren't familiar with My Hero Academia, the manga by creator Kohei Horikoshi began publishing back in July 2014. Bones Studios adapted the series into an anime in 2016, and the series has quickly become a phenomenon. My Hero Academia takes place in a world full of people with quirks, which you might recognize as superpowers. Except Izuku Midoriya doesn't have one.

Izuku Midoriya has always wanted to be a hero, but he was born without a quirk. When the world’s leading superhero All-Might chooses Izuku to be his successor, the boy’s world is turned upside-down as he gains a quirk, a new school, and a set of very dangerous enemies.

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