This 'Naruto' And 'Spongebob Squarepants' Mash-Up Is Perfect

Anime fans have a long history of doing fan-dubs and mash-ups, but no one has ever done it quite like this before. Over on Youtube, the user Uknownada proved their editing skills are as superior as the Uchiha Clan itself thanks to this hilarious Naruto & Spongebob Squarepants crossover.

As you can see above, the fan went above and beyond to place an iconic Naruto dub over the Nickelodeon classic. The video uses dialogue pulled from the first episodes of Naruto: Shippuden. The scene takes place after Naruto finally reunites with Sasuke Uchiha after a few years a part. The latter has become a student under Orochimaru while Naruto still fights for the Leaf Village, and the conversation in question see the blond-haired ninja question Sasuke about their bond.

So, naturally, Uknownada turned Patrick into Naruto and Spongebob into Sasuke.

The clip may be a hilarious one to watch, but the editing skills needed to overdub the scenes are impressive. Patrick matches Naruto’s words perfectly, and Spongebob’s towering stance mimics the one Sasuke towered with in the anime.

You know, if you ignore the fact that Sasuke was mostly clothed. Naruto fans could have stood the Uchiha heir being a bit more nude during the climatic scene; After all, Sasuke still gets made of for the outfit he wore whilst training under Orochimaru back then.

The Youtuber may not have meant to do so, but anime fans have now gone a bit crazy fan-casting Bikini Bottom into Naruto since this dub went live. Sandy can be seen in the video above, and audiences have been all too quick to call the squirrel the next Sakura Haruno. Squidward would make for one deadpanned version of Sai, and Gary the Snail isn't free from being drafted. Netizens think Naruto's pet would make an excellent summoning, and Gary isn't too far off from being Katsuyu, Lady Tsunade's go-to slug.

Naruto (Anime)Sunday at on Cartoon Network

Naruto (Anime)

Naruto (Anime)Sunday at on Cartoon Network

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