'Digimon Adventure Tri' Reveals Its Sixth Film’s Poster & Premiere Date

It looks like things are about to wrap up for the Digimon Adventure Tri. franchise. Toei Animation released the film series’ fifth installment this year, and the final will debut in 2018. Now, the first poster for the sixth movie is out, and it will make fans feel all the feels.

Thanks to Animate Times, you can check out the theatrical poster of Digimon Adventure Tri. Our Future below. The poster focuses on the original DigiDestined gang as they reach out to one of its new members (via ANN). Meiko Mochizuki can be seen falling backwards from her friends with Meicoomon at her side.

The poster also confirms the release date of the sixth Digimon film. The movie is slated to debut on May 5, 2018. The film is expected to screen in Japanese theaters for three weeks after its premiere, and limited-edition Blu-rays of the movie will be sold at the screenings. Fans who live abroad will be able to watch the film on the same day as its release thanks to sites like Crunchy Roll.

If you are not familiar with the Digimon Adventure Tri. series, then you should know it started sometime ago. The first film in the franchise dropped in November 2015 before the second followed in March 2016. The most recent movie debuted this September, and it earned 100 million yen in Japan.

The series itself acts as a sequel to the original Digimon Adventure anime fans grew up with. After growing apart, the original DigiDestined gang is split up as they enter high school and prepare to enter adulthood. Taichi tries to live a normal life until strange occurrences begin to happen around Japan, and the group realizes the Digital World has now become a very real danger to the real world.