‘My Hero Academia’ Reveals The League Of Villains' New Plans

Warning! Spoilers for My Hero Academia’s 159th chapter!

After a short break, My Hero Academia is back and wowing fans with one intense chapter. The newest update finally brought Izuku’s battle against Chisaki to an end, but the hero’s battle with the Eight Precepts of Death may not be finished.

After all, chapter 159 did end on a major cliffhanger that has everything to do with Shigaraki.

My Hero Academia’s latest update came to a close with seemingly simple ease. Izuku managed to take out Chisaki, but the hero passed out soon after with Eri on his back. The authorities gathered up the beaten villains from the Eight Precepts of Death, but the police did not get them to the hospital as planned.

“We’re transporting eleven members of the Eight Precepts of Death. All of them are seriously injured. We’re on our way to the villain hospital in Takodana,” the armed driver said.

“We’ve confiscated their personal belongings. In addition to the aforementioned bullets, we’ve also found a capsule that had not been previously reported.”

However, the chapter ended with the armored truck being pried open by a surprising source. Tomura Shigaraki appeared with his League of Villain’s croonies to spring the gangsters and hopefully convert them to his team now that Chisaki is out.

“Simply put, in shogi, all you have to do is take the opponent’s king, isn’t that right,” the villain asks.

The League of Villains is still trying to find its footing in the My Hero Academia universe, and Shigaraki has a lot on his plate. The baddie has to live up to All For One, his mentor and the arch nemesis to One For All. Izuku and Shigaraki are destined to face off with one another just like their teachers before them, and it seems like Shigaraki has leveled up his leadership skills and is ready to snag him some new followers.

For those who aren't familiar with My Hero Academia, the manga by creator Kohei Horikoshi began publishing back in July 2014. Bones Studios adapted the series into an anime in 2016, and the series has quickly become a phenomenon. My Hero Academia takes place in a world full of people with quirks, which you might recognize as superpowers. Except Izuku Midoriya doesn't have one.

Izuku Midoriya has always wanted to be a hero, but he was born without a quirk. When the world’s leading superhero All-Might chooses Izuku to be his successor, the boy’s world is turned upside-down as he gains a quirk, a new school, and a set of very dangerous enemies.