CL Just Leaked Part of Her Unreleased U.S. Comeback

CL has not given up on her dream of conquering the U.S. music charts. Back in 2016, the music mega-star released her first English single, and it seems CL is ready to make a comeback in 2018. After all, the singer did just leak clips from an unreleased music video she did for a U.S. comeback.

Taking to Instagram, CL posted about a minute’s worth of footage detailing her never-before-seen comeback. The video, which was shot about a year ago, has been kept secret by YG Entertainment and CL’s U.S. representatives. The 2ne1 star said she may get in trouble for sharing the clips publicly, but fans are glad she did.

After all, as you can see above, the song does sound like a bop.

The video is a colorful one as it shows CL dancing in a blue room filled with lights and dancers. Dressed in a white satin romper, CL puts her k-pop moves to good use as the choreographed fencers around her go from fighting to dancing. The clip then ends with the music video changing locations to a dark ally, and CL goes from wearing a fur-trimmed outfit to a dark corseted get-up.

As for its lyrics, you can check out the English verses below:

“I need you all in / It’s everything or nothing now / You know what I came here for / I need you to give me more / Say you’re all in, let me take you to the top / Show me what you came here for, I don’t want to wait no more / I need you all in.”

So far, there is no word on if this track will get an official release, but fans are looking forward to CL’s next move in the U.S. The singer released an English track in 2016 with “Lifted” and did a couple of songs in 2017. CL did a feature on a Lil Yachty song in May 2017 before releasing an original single titled “No Better Feelin” for the My Little Pony: The Movie soundtrack.

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