These Cosplayers Basically Bring Any Anime Character To Life

When it comes to cosplaying, the anime fandom knows what’s up. The community has been a supporter of the pastime for decades, and plenty of anime fans have brought their top characters to life with some stunning cosplays. However, there is one group of fans who are redefining what anime IRL really looks like.

Over on Twitter, a few cosplay accounts from Japan got fans buzzing with their latest looks. Users @ryuichi_randoll and @yato_1998 had netizens scratching their heads with one insane Kingdom Hearts cosplay. The look, which can be seen below, sees the former dressed up as Riku while the other gives Sora a spin. At first, many fans assumed the look was a digital piece of fan-art to hype the game, but nope.

If you look closely, you can see the pictures contain real humans who are cosplaying, and this isn’t even the team’s most insane anime look.

Last Christmas, Ryuichi celebrated by sharing one of the most spot-on Black Butler cosplays out there. The fan dressed up as Sebastian in a period-accurate suit while a fellow fan @RANKI brought Ciel to life. The stunning shoot looks more real than any of the anime’s actual episodes, and fans are tripping over the extraordinarily life-like adaptation.

Of course, these cosplays are not totally untouched. They have digital touch-ups to give the characters a polished complexion, but the cosplays are fundamentally flawless. As seen in the Kingdom Hearts look, the wigs for Sora and Riku were painted by hand to give it a rendered texture, and the costumes for the Black Butler shoot look like they were plucked straight from the series. When it comes to details, these cosplayers exceeded every and all expectations, so Hollywood better study these looks if it wants to do live-action anime any sort of justice.

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