EXO's Baekhyun Apologizes to Fans for Recent Comments About Depression

EXO’s Baekhyun is reaching out to fans to apologize after a misused quote of his was used to fuel an unexpected controversy. The singer took to Instagram and clarify recent statements he made about depression during a fansign event in South Korea.

“Hello, this is Baekhyun. I am writing this post because I wish to personally apologize for my comments from the fan sign event on December 30,” the idol wrote (via Soompi).

“These days, I’ve honestly have been in a state where I felt a lot of fear about, and have been hypersensitive towards the topic of depression. And so when I was speaking to that fan for a significant [amount of time], I became really worried and suddenly afraid. At a fansign that should be filled with joy, I really felt the gravity of what she, a fan that I wanted to make happy, was confiding to me, and I think I was feeling very rushed because of the idea that ‘I might not ever be able to talk with this fan again after we part from this spot today.’ I wanted to tell her at least one more word of comfort, and I wanted to do quickly just do anything for her [during the event] at the thought that my words could maybe become a source of strength to her, since she had said she liked me.”

“Even after I finished talking to that fan, I think I kept mulling over this until the end of the fansign. And so, there was something I carelessly said while I was encouraging her, and other fans who came, that there are good people and, of course EXO, by their side when they feel depressed or are going through hard times. I was hasty in bringing up what I said when I don’t have to the ability to organize and express my intentions in a short period of time. Why I chose those phrases, those words, at that moment, I am regretting it [when] I really just wanted to comfort and cheer her up..”

Just before the new year, Baekhyun received criticism after he made comments about depression to a fan at a signing event. The conversation saw Baekhyun explain how he could not understand depression since he had never been affected by it, but he hoped he could be a comfort to the fan speaking to him. Audio of the conversation was shared online, and incomplete translations of the quote were used to vilify Baekhyun. The fan who allegedly spoke with the idol about her depression has since come forward to say Baekhyun’s words were well-intended and she did not take offense, but the damage was done. Reports about the out-of-context quote went live before clarifications could be made, leaving Baekhyun to reach out to fans on his own to explain his point-of-view.

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