'Attack on Titan' Introduces Eren's Comrades After Time-Skip

It has been a long while since Attack on Titan readers saw its most famous heroes. Eren Jaeger kept the series’ spotlight to himself for almost a year, but Titan Shifter could not keep up the ruse forever. No, the manga’s new chapter reintroduces all of its top soldiers from Paradis, and they look a whole lot different.

This week, the 102nd chapter of Attack on Titan will go live, and a translated version of it has hit the web already. The dramatic release follows Eren as he continues wreaking havoc upon Marley, but Mikasa was not the only Paradis soldier who came to his aid.

No, some of the hero’s most popular friends took part in the ambush as well.

The beginning of this latest chapter shows off the return of Jean Kirsten. The character looks much older than he did the last time readers saw him as Attack on Titan inserted a time-skip between its last two arcs. Jean’s two-toned hairdo has been exchanged for a longer style, and his face looks more angular than before.

After Jean is introduced, fans catch up with Sasha Blouse and Connie Springer. The latter soldier looks much the same as he did before, but his round face has been chiseled down. Sasha seems to have undergone the biggest transformation as the eccentric girl seems to have a more chic appearance these days.

There’s no word on whether Sasha is still a potato fanatic after all these years. Fans can only hope for now.

Finally, the Survey Corps rounded out its major returns with Captain Levi. The famed soldier does not appear to have aged much, but he was in his 30s during the manga’s last arc. His aging would not be as noticeable as Eren’s comrades who are still in their 20s, and fans are not complaining about the slight. Levi was known for his good looks before, and readers are happy the fearsome warrior still has them.

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Attack on TitanSunday at on Funimation

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Attack on TitanSunday at on Funimation

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