2018 Winter Olympics Figure Skating Program Features 'Yuri!!! On Ice' Routine

The 2018 Winter Olympics are here, and figure skating helped kick off the long-awaited event. South Korea is hosting the biannual competition as hundreds of top-tier athletes have gathered to represent their countries. And, if you watched Japan’s latest figure skating duo, then you got a dose of anime whether you knew it or not.

Yes, that’s right. Pair Skating is underway at the Olympics, and Team Japan hit the ice with a song from Yuri!!! on Ice.

Not long ago, Japan hit the ice for the Pair Skating program, and anime fans quickly recognized the music which Miu Suzaki & Ryuichi Kihara were performing to. The lyrical song is the piano version of Yuri!!! on Ice’s titular theme.

As you can see above, the routine was a lilting one that would make Yuri and Victor very proud. The routine featured plenty of intricate footwork which pleased audiences, and the Internet has gone ga-ga over the otaku routine. Commentators for the event also latched on to the nod as Johnny Weir explained just what the anime was about. The famed US figure skater is a noted fan of the show, and he seemed more than happy that Team Japan was putting Yuri!!! on Ice on the global stage.

If you are not familiar with Yuri on Ice, then you have plenty of time to get acquainted with the series. The show premiered in October 2016 and tells the story of Yuri Katsuki. The young man is a professional figure skater who suffers from crippling anxiety, and Yuri chooses to break from the sport after a dismal appearance at the Grand Prix Final. However, things begin to change for Yuri when a video of him skating to a routine by Victor Nikiforov goes viral. The latter skater is world-renowned for his beauty and skill - and Victor comes all the way to Japan to coach Yuri. The two grow closer as they come to rediscover their passion for skating, and sparks fly when Yuri realizes his admiration for Victor goes further than he once thought.