Kim Kardashian Really Shopped For Manga In Tokyo

Kim Kardashian is one of the most recognizable people on the planet. Her family’s reality series rocketed her to stardom to the delight (and confusion) of many, but there’s no need to hate on the mogul. In fact, weebs may want to come to her defense more often.

After all, the Karadashian did reveal she’s a secret otaku - well, sort of. She shared a candid photo of her in Tokyo shopping for manga on a recent trip.

Over on Instagram, millions of followers were shown a photo of Kardashian browsing some manga abroad. The celebrity was seen wearing a long-sleeved button-down dress with her hair pulled into a top knot. Paired with sunglasses and a black bag, she looked plenty chic rocking high heels in front of a manga display at anime retailer Animate.

Tokyo 🔥🈴❣️🎎🎏⛩🎯🍣🔥💋

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Kardashian was visiting the location’s Shinjuku branch during a visit to Japan not long ago. Twitter users did some detective work to figure out what titles the celeb was looking at and stumbled upon some answers soon enough. Kardashian was looking at the store's shojo section while an advert for A3! can be seen on the elevator doors behind her.

The photo’s recent upload sent Japanese fans into a frenzy; Many wondered why Kardashian was in Japan right now, but it turns out the photos are from a trip she and husband Kanye West took last year.

Of course, there is no telling if the celeb left the store with any manga goods, but fans are hoping the stop was not just for a photo shoot. One of the Kardashian-West kids could be manga fans, or the volumes might have attracted West on his own. The rapper has talked about his love of anime in the past and is a particular fan of Akira.

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