'One Punch Man' Character Designer Shares Goku Sketch

If you are a fan of Dragon Ball, there is a good chance you have checked out One Punch Man. The two series are plenty different, but their inclusion of over-powered heroes does make for some great fights. Adrenaline junkies tend to flock to the shows as fans, but audiences aren’t the only ones who dip into that crossover.

No, industry professionals are also affected by the pull, and Chikashi Kubota just proved fact that to fans.

Recently, the character designer for One Punch Man confirmed he’d be attending Made In Asia 2018. The event, which is held in Brussels, will celebrate its tenth year with some special guests. Kubota will join over big-name artists at the anime convention to celebrate all things otaku, and the One Punch Man designer shared a piece of artwork to announce his visit.

Over on Twitter, a sketch which Kubota did for Made In Asia 2018 started going around the fandom. The piece, which can be found above, forgoes Saitama for Son Goku. The colorful sketch shows the Saiyan as he prepares a Kamehameha blast, and his perfectly shaded silhouette has got fans geeking out.

Of course, Kubota is not the only Dragon Ball fan with ties to One Punch Man. The manga’s illustrator is a well-known fanboy of Akira Toriyama. In the past, Yusuke Murata has penned official promo artwork for the series, and even shared a series of stunning doodles he did of Krillin, Vegeta, Nappa, and more.

For those unfamiliar with One Punch Man, the series follows Saitama, a regular working Joe who one day puts a stop to a violent villain attack. After this fight Saitama is inspired to become a hero. Training his body hard everyday, he's eventually granted with extreme strength. Looking for a worthy opponent, Saitama joins the Hero Association in the hopes of fighting them. But every fight he gets into ends after a single punch! Forced to wander through life increasingly bored of his supreme power, Saitama has become hilariously disconnected with the world of action around him.

Are you a fan of this One Punch Man artist's take on Goku? Hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to let me know and talk all things comics, k-pop, and anime!

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