'Dragon Ball Z' Voice Actors Read Famous Movie Quotes And Someone Animated It

Dragon Ball Z characters are now quoting fan-favorite scenes from beloved movies thanks to a new video using the cast's voices and scenes from the anime series.

In 2015, the cast appeared on the Nerdist podcast, where they recited famous lines from films in character. Chistopher Sabat, who voices Vegeta and Piccolo, Chris Ayres, the voice of Frieza, and Sean Schemmel, who voices Goku and King Kai, participated and paved the way for the video above to be born.

In the video, YouTube user Ginger Ningerish pulls the audio from the original Nerdist podcast and places it into edited versions of scenes from Dragon Ball Z. The voices are well-timed with the animation and suddenly Goku and Vegeta are quoting Step Brothers lines.

The films the characters are seen quoting also include Zoolander, Meet The Parents, Friday, Ace Ventura, The Silence of the Lambs.

The video has, since upload in 2016, earned more than 80,000 views but certainly deserves a better circulation through the anime and film community not only for its entertainment value but also to give Ginger Ningerish the credit for picking the right scenes and pairing the audio so well with them. Dragon Ball Z and Independence Day crossover? Who would have thought...

Fans of Dragon Ball Z have all sorts of reasons to be excited for new content, much more so than the dubbed video above. In fact, the title is getting a 3-D movie which recently revealed its first teaser and fans are losing their minds in excitement over the upcoming title. Check out the first teaser right here!