'Naruto' Reveals New Details About Its Great Snake Sage

When it comes to Naruto, fans know plenty about its Sage powers. Heroes like Jiraiya nearly mastered the art before Naruto trained his summon's sage. Fans were also shown the slugs' sage once upon a time but little was ever said about the snake sage.

That is, until now.

In the past, Naruto Shippuden showed the White Snake Sage, but fans were given few details about the character. Now, a new data book for the franchise is out, and it has a short biography of the temperamental sage.

“The boss of Ryuchi Cave that gives off a miraculous authority! The snake sage that reigns in the Ryuchi Cave, which takes the name of an unexplored region like Mount Myoboku and the Shikkotsu Forest,” the data entry reads.

“His huge white frame becomes one with the vast land on top of the lengthy sacred seat, and he injects natural energy by piercing his fangs into the ones who come there to train. They say that he swallows those whose boy couldn’t stand it and turned into a whole snake.”

There’s no word on how old the snake is, but it is safe to assume he’s ancient. The White Snake Sage was born in April though, and he is described as “eccentric” and “highly proud.”

Fans will known the White Snake Sage thanks to its work with Kabuto Yakushi. At some point in the series, Orochimaru’s lackey went to the sage for training once the Sannin seemingly died. Kabuto was able to master the summon’s Sage Mode before joining the front of the Fourth Great Ninja War.

There is no telling if the White Snake Sage will make a comeback in the series, but there is a good chance he will reappear. After all, Boruto confirmed its hero’s teammate Mitsuki can tap into senjutsu, and he may visit the heralded snake to further perfect his Sage Mode.

For those of you unfamiliar with Naruto, the series began in 1997 when Masashi Kishimoto did his first one-shot of the series. Shueisha agreed to serialize the story in Weekly Shonen Jump starting in 1999, and it became a quick success. The manga ran until 2014 and accrued 72 volumes over its lengthy run. Naruto has since become one of the industry’s most famous franchises, and its global popularity rocketed when Pierrot licensed Naruto for an anime.

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Naruto (Anime)Sunday at on Cartoon Network

Naruto (Anime)

Naruto (Anime)Sunday at on Cartoon Network

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