'Tokyo Ghoul:re' Sees [SPOILER] Save Ken

Things haven’t been going well for Ken Kaneki these days. In the manga, Tokyo Ghoul:re has kept the hero in a dark place as of late. Ken has been totally consumed by his own monstrous kagune, but he won’t be trapped for much longer.

After all, someone finally found Ken’s real body within the gory mess. So, spoilers below!

In the latest chapter of Tokyo Ghoul:re, fans were treated to a special chapter which focused on Touka. The girl was still armed with her metal detector as she tried to locate Ken underneath the fleshy kagune he’s been stuck within. Touka had faith she could suss out Ken since he was wearing their wedding band around his neck, but things soured once Touka got close to his real body.

When the metal detector went off, Touka began to dig into the kagune (or kakuja) to find Ken. After diving deep into the mass, the girl came across a disembodied arm that had Ken’s chained ring hanging from it. Touka was then assaulted by the kagune itself as it created spawn-like monsters to fight her. She was almost bested by one of the zombies, but the Quinx Squad showed up just in time to help Touka out.

With CCG agents watching her back, Touka was able to dig close towards Ken. The girl finally reached his trapped body by the chapter’s end, so fans are waiting to see how the couple will reunite once Touka pulls her husband from his own kagune.

It has been awhile since Touka has come face-to-face with Ken because of his hyperactive kagune. The hero lost control of his so-called Dragon Kagune more than 15 chapters ago, and it has been causing all sorts of issues for Tokyo. The massive beast has threatened to take over the city with its non-stop growth, and Touka has to help Ken stop the kagune before the powers at be try to exterminate Ken with the tumorous lump.

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