'Dragon Ball Super' Illustrator Revisits Uub, King Chappa

The end of Dragon Ball Super is upon anime fans, but they still have a bit of the manga left to go. The series, which is drawn by Toyotaro, has yet to delve into the Tournament of Power full-on. The manga needs to explore that event before it ends, but Toyotaro might be planning its finale already.

After all, the artist did just revisit Uub in a new sketch on Twitter.

Taking to social media, Toyotaro surprised fans when he posted a new piece of artwork. The simple sketch, which can be seen below, highlights two familiar Dragon Ball characters.

To the left, fans can see Uub as the young boy stands in his usual outfit. With his dark hair styled in a mohawk, Uub is shown looking over his shoulders at a man. The elderly figure is none other than King Chappa, a human warrior who appeared in Dragon Ball way back when. The fighter is a former world martial arts champion and is best-known ofr his eight-handed fighting style.

The drawing features dialogue between the two characters, and fans were quick to translate the conversation. An much-aged King Chappa tells Uub what a gifted fighter he is.

“You certainly are gifted,” the elder explains. “How about entering the next Tenkaichi Budokai?”

Uub seems surprised by the suggestion, but fans know the boy does take his advice. The epilogue of Dragon Ball Z showed Uub entering the tournament and taking on Goku before the Saiyan whisked them away on a training journey.

According to Toyotaro, the illustrator wanted to revisit King Chappa as he wondered if the man was connected to Uub.


‘It’s King Chappa (what I think he looks like now)! Maybe King Chappa was the one who trained Uub until he turned 10! Their clothes look similar, so I kind of figured they came from the same region.”

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