Naruto Just Made the Yellow Flash Proud in 'Boruto'

Minato Namikaze would probably have a real hard time scolding Naruto. Not only do the two share a father-son bond, but they both understand what it means to be Hokage. Fans of Naruto know the men didn’t have long to connect, but Minato has stressed how proud he is of the man his son became. So, audiences know the Fourth Hokage must be feeling real happy after the latest episode of Naruto.

Seriously, his son was kind of a beast.

Naruto released its latest episode this week to wrap up its ‘Byakuya Gang’ arc. The story follows a group of so-called noble thieves who gave back to the poor, but fans learned the gang was much seedier than expected. Its leader Gekko was really pawning off goods while he threw his men and ward under the bus.

As expected, Naruto had a big problem with Gekko. Not only was the man lying to make cash, but he was willing to betray and sacrifice his own members to escape capture. The bandit did manage to get out of Boruto and Shikadai’s grasp after the pair took on Ryogi in battle, but Gekko had no chance against Naruto.

As you can see here, the episode’s final moments saw Gekko making an escape from the Leaf Village after his ward was caught. The baddie thought he was in the clear, but that changed when Naruto showed up. Or, rather, the Orange Flash.

Naruto came onto the scene in a burst of orange light. The ninja was moving way too quick for anyone to see, and his speed would have made his father, the Yellow Flash, pretty proud. Naruto didn’t need a seal to move as fast as he did, and he was moving quick. Not only did Naruto managed to outrun a rogue train, but he outpaced it enough to stop it by force.


Of course, fans are not too surprised by Naruto’s speed. If there is one thing this franchise has drilled into followers, it is that Naruto can do anything. The boy showed off his impressive speed against the Fourth Raikage back before the Four Ninja War began, so it makes since Naruto would have gotten even faster since.

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