Fans Vote for Weekly Shonen Jump's Strongest Hero of All-Time

It may be hard to believe, but Weekly Shonen Jump turns 50 this year. The celebrated magazine is one of the manga industry’s most famous, and it has churned out dozens of powerful characters over the years. Now, fans have chosen the publication’s strongest heroes, and its top ten list will surely have some doing double takes.

Thanks to Goo, Japanese fans were able to submit their votes for Weekly Shonen Jump’s top protagonists. The event brought in thousands of fans who fought hard for their top hero to win the top spot. And, as many of you may have expected, Son Goku took over the poll as its clear winner.

Yes, the Dragon Ball hero came in first place for the fan-vote. Goku was deemed by netizens to be Weekly Shonen Jump’s most powerful hero, but his title could have been lost to another important manga stud.

In second place, Giorno Giovanna rounded up enough votes to make fans of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure proud. The blond-haired hero is the lead of Vento Aureo and acts as the fifth JoJo of the whole franchise. The character is not only the illegitimate son of DIO, but he was conceived with Jonathan Joestar’s body. The kid was just asking to be over-powered thanks to his upbringing, and Giorno did not disappoint.

The rest of the top ten list features plenty of expected heroes, but there are a few surprises thrown in. Saiki Kusuo received plenty of votes and landed in sixth place despite his titular series only being around since 2012. The immensely powerful psychic may look funny with his bright pink hair, but his brain is strong enough to blow minds — literally.

Other characters like Arale of Dr. Slump and Koro-Sensei from Assassination Classroom had international fans intrigued, but their placement on the list isn't surprising to Japanese readers. The characters have impressive reputations abroad, and their popularity only grew once their respective series ended.


You can check out the fan-voted poll’s top ten results below!

  • Son Goku
    Giorno Giovanna
    Sakata Gintoki
    Monkey D. Luffy
    Saiki Kusuo
    Arale Norimaki
    Kankichi Ryotsu
    Jotaro Kujo
    Uzumaki Naruto

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