'Voltron': Where Has SPOILER Been All This Time?

The newest season of Voltron featured a variety of surprises, but one appearance posed more questions than others.

Spoilers incoming for Voltron: Legendary Defender Season Five, so if you haven't seen it yet you've been warned.

Fans witnessed the reappearance of Commander Sendak, who's been MIA since his last run-in with Voltron in the first season. That initial encounter was a rather memorable one, as getting flushed out into space will stick with just about anyone, and ComicBook.com had the chance to talk with executive producers Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos about where he's been all this time.

"He got flushed right out of the old Castle ship, so he's just been hanging out," Dos Santos said.

"Having a good time, a good long nap," Montgomery added.

Seems pretty peaceful, and the two actually had an even more elaborate scenario in mind for him.

"We had sort of a joking story point that he had landed on some beach planet for a while and lived it up and partied," Dos Santos said, "and then eventually took over the planet."

"Yeah, or we'd catch up with him, and he'd just be like a surfer, and just like chill," Montgomery continued. "He acclimated, but those are all passing fun, making jokes."

People like Sendak seem to have a hard time relaxing, regardless of their surroundings. Now, it didn't turn out to be nearly as peaceful as the executive producers originally theorized, so maybe that's why he ultimately decided to try and take the Galra Empire for himself.


Just goes to show you can't keep the guy down, and Team Voltron probably hasn't seen the last of him either. The same can't be said for his former leader Zarkon, who found himself on the unfortunate end of some shrapnel.

Voltron: Legendary Defender Season Five is now streaming on Netflix with Season Six expected later this year.