New US Tourism Campaign Channels Its Inner Studio Ghibli

Tourism and anime have met before, but there’s something super magical about their most recent meeting. The US is the latest country spin an anime flair on its tourism endeavors, and Oregon went hard with its Studio Ghibli spirit in its latest trailer.

Just, watch the clip above and you will see. Oregon’s new tourism campaign looks like something Hayao Miyazaki cooked up.

As you can see, the trailer is a lengthy one, but it will leave you wanting more. The clip begins with a young girl fishing over a beautifully animated river, and the fantastical reel only gets more magical from there.

You can find everything in this trailer if you look hard enough. There are flying whales, massive bunnies, complex air balloons, and more. The trailer’s whimsical design looks like it came from a Disney-Studio Ghibli crossover, and you will want to make an immediate trip to Oregon after seeing it.

Of course, you won’t see the trailer’s most insane moments in Oregon should you visit. The state’s tourism board says the clip is based on actual events. Well, “more or less.”

Anime fans are loving the trailer not only for its style but for its homages to Studio Ghibli. In one shot, fans can characterized rain droplets falling onto leaves, and they will surely remind fans of the Sootballs from Spirited Away. A massive bicycling caterpillar is also shown, and diehard Miyazaki fans will no doubt connect it to the director’s Boro the Caterpillar.

For how much this trailer references Studio Ghibli, the company did not make this tourism reel. Psyop and Sun Creatures Studio were tapped to do the animation while the Oregon Symphony provided its music. Wieden + Kennedy wrote and produced the breathtaking reel.


Obviously, this is not the first time anime has been used to bolster tourism. Japan has a booming tourism industry based about the industry, but other countries have used anime to entice visitors. Not long ago, the creators of the hit film Your Name helped Canada out with a tourism campaign. The trailer, which can be seen here, was made specifically to invite Japanese fans to visit Canada's top destinations.

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