'Tokyo Ghoul' Announces Season 3 Episode Order

Tokyo Ghoul is back, and season three kicked off to an interesting start. The series made its comeback earlier today when its latest episode premiered on the heels of a controversial second season. Now that the ghouls are back, fans are ready to see what kind of danger Tokyo Ghoul:re has prepared, but its current episode listing is perhaps the scariest thing for fans.

After all, it looks like the new season will be a one-and-done cour. Yikes.

Currently, it seems like Tokyo Ghoul:re is listed for 12 episodes total. The info came from the season’s Amazon Japan listing, but sites like this have used placeholder episode counts before. Up until now, fans had hoped Tokyo Ghoul would run for two cours give Ishida’s manga a balanced adaptation, but Studio Pierrot hopes it can do that in just 12.

As you may expect, fans are not particularly happy about this order news. The first season of Tokyo Ghoul abided by a single cour structure, and it adapted more than 60 chapters of content during its run. The debut season was met with fairly positive reviews, but fans bemoaned the fact that its pacing was rushed. They had hoped the issue would be corrected with Tokyo Ghoul’s new season, but that may not be the case after all.


At the very least, Tokyo Ghoul’s comeback will adhere to the canon Ishida set up in the manga. The anime abandoned the canon when its second season debuted as it told an alternate story which branched from the manga. The storyline was suggested by Ishida, but fans of Tokyo Ghoul were not shy about their disinterest in the experiment when the second season dropped. This brand-new season will adapt the content of Tokyo Ghoul:re, a sequel series that Ishida is still working on. Right now, there is no word on how much content season three will try to adapt, but fans expect Studio Pierrot to reach chapters 58-60 before wrapping Tokyo Ghoul yet again.

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