‘Boruto’ Strays From Film Arc With New ‘Chunin Exam’ Villain

It may have taken some time to get there, but Boruto is making good on one of its top promises. After a year on air, the anime has just reached its long-awaited ‘Chunin Exam’ arc, and fans are eager to see how the TV series will add to the story since it has been told once before. So, it is good to see that one big change has been made to the arc.

Thanks to the new episode of Boruto, fans know there is something different with the ‘Chunin Exam’ arc this time around. When episode 53 went live, audiences saw Boruto Uzumaki rage against his father Naruto after the older man broke a promise of his. The episode ended with Sasuke Uchiha making a surprise return home, but fans were more interested about its touchback with Toneri and a mysterious Otsutsuki man.

The new episode included a short scene with Toneri as the former villain watched over Earth from the moon. The character, who has shown himself to Boruto a few times through visions, was accosted by a strange Otsutsuki villain who was only addressed as Celestial Being. And, once the sharp guy opened his mouth, fans knew he was not someone they were going to like.

“We saw it all,” the newcomer told Toneri, revealing the Otsutsuki Clan’s main branch had been watching the man.

“That incident with the woman with the Byakugan was quite unfortunate. You may believe you made the first move by doing something to that woman’s son but that was very hastily prepared,” he continued, nodding to Toneri’s actions during the final Naruto film.

As the encounter went on, fans watched as the Celestial Being subdued Toneri after the latter attack. The man put Toneri in a 10,000 year Time Freeze, incapacitating him indefinitely. The new man said he needed to go to Earth to reel in a big one, and Toneri was left thinking to himself how ill-prepared Boruto would be for all of this.


For fans, the appearance of Toneri is new for the ‘Chunin Exams ‘arc, but that isn’t too big of a deal. The most important divergence is the introduction of the brand-new Otsutsuki ninja. Not only is the man powerful, but he seems as wicked as Momoshiki. So, audiences can look forward to learning more about this strange new ninja as the anime continues with its latest arc.

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